About Us

We’re the honus of Key Club’s California-Nevada-Hawai’i district, region 18, division 22 komohanas. Our motto is ‘service all day everyday.’

Key Club is a student-led, high school organization. Our members want to make the world a better place through service, growing as leaders along the way. Key Club appears in over 40 countries, boasting over 276,000 members!

We’re part of the CNH district, which was the inspired vision of California State Commissioner of Schools Albert C. Olney, and vocational education teacher Frank C. Vincent, who together worked to establish the first Key Club at Sacramento High School in California on May 7, 1925. Female students were first admitted into Key Club in 1976, eleven years before women were admitted to Kiwanis International, our sponsoring organization. The CNH District consists of 80 mighty divisions led by the most dedicated student leaders today. It’s also the largest district in Key Club International!

Our Komohana division is one of three teams in division 22. The other divisions are Hikina and Makai. Our division includes the schools Aiea, Castle, Damien, Kailua, Kapolei, Leilehua, McKinley, Mililani, Pearly City, and Waipahu. Our division’s mascot is a green sea turtle.