Key Club 101 Guide

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of Key Club? In this guide, you will find an abundance of information about all there is to know about Key Club and the California-Nevada-Hawai’i District.

Member Recognition Program Contest Guidelines

The Member Recognition Program is designed to recognize dues-paid, Key Club members with a minimum of fifty (50) service hours who have also fulfilled other additional requirements. Personal submissions are not required as the Club Secretary tracks and submits it for the members, so please reach out to your home club’s board.

Kiwanis Photo Release Form

Many times, photos of Key Club members are taken at events and service projects. This form allows Key Club and Kiwanis to use images with you in them, such as for promotional purposes. 

Medical Release Form

In the case that a Key Club member gets injured at an event and is in need of medical attention, this form helps to provide information in terms of medical emergency care.

COVID-19 Liability Form

For in-person Key Club events, Key Club members would gather and this does put everyone at a certain risk of catching COVID-19. This form is required to be signed and submitted at Key Club related events and so by signing this form, you recognize the risks associated.