Editor’s Service Agreement

This outlines the duties, responsibilities, and expectations the office of Club Editor holds. Those who plan to run for Editor must submit this to the Club President or Faculty Advisor at least one week before elections. *There may be multiple editors in office*

Editor Workshop | Officer Training Conference

This is the Editor Workshop slides made by the 2020 – 2021 Damien Memorial Key Club Editor Erika Macaraeg from Officer Training Conference (OTC) during the 2021 – 2022 term. These slides explain what are graphic standards, articles & visuals, how to make newsletters and websites, and how to be SafeKey.

Graphic Standards Manual | 2015 Edition

The CNH District has been pivoting towards having a consistent branding and graphic formatting. This manual will provide information on how to properly format training material, newsletters, and other documents related to Key Club. 

Articles & Visuals Submission Guidelines

Please refer to these guidelines when submitting monthly Articles & Visuals to DNE Carly as it explains how to format the email submission and the attached files.

How to Submit Great Articles & Visuals

When writing Articles and taking Visuals, please reference this simple guide as to how to write great Articles and how to take great Visuals.

Articles Template

Please use this Articles template when drafting club articles. By using this template, you are making DNE Carly’s job easier and less stressful, so you are highly encouraged to use this template.