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    Contest Guidelines

    The updated contest guidelines have been officially released for the 2021-2022 term. Many new changes have been made to the guidelines, so please go over them to find out more about the application process. If you are thinking of applying or still unsure if you want to apply, you will be able to earn recognition on the District level if you do end up winning these contests. That means Key Clubs from Hawaii, California, and Nevada will be able to recognize your hard work and achievements throughout the term! In addition, this will also help your college resumes and applications as your e-portfolios (which you must create to apply) will…

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    What’s the Buzz – September Issue

    The fourth issue of What’s The Buzz has been published! You can find the September issue on issuu.com/cnhkc or HERE. You can also access it on the CNH Cyberkey at cnhkeyclub.org>news>newsletters. The September issue of the District Newsletter touches upon topics such as: District and International Updates Committee Submissions August Recognition September Calendar and more! Message from District News Editor Victor Nguyen Thank you to everyone who has shown me support over the last few months. I really do appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Keep buzzing, Bees :DD

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    SERVEtember is an ongoing, month-long initiative during the month of September. It promotes and encourages service and the recognition of members in the Cal-Nev-Ha District. The initiative emphasizes Key Club’s aspect of being a service organization, allowing members to focus on this purpose throughout the month of September. How can your club participate? In order to get involved with the SERVEtember initiative, your club is highly encouraged to complete a task-filled bucket list that focuses on service, increasing involvement with the Kiwanis family, raising funds for the Pediatric Trauma Program, and participating in the Spotlight on Service Program. The Bucket List items are as follows: Attend or host a service…

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    Key Club 101 Webinar

    Interested in learning more about Key Club? Have a friend who wants to join? Have any questions about Key Club? Come join us at the CNH District Key Club 101 Webinar on September 19th from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM HST to learn more about Key Club and what it consists of. Everyone wants to hear BUZZ about Key Club, so we can’t wait to see you there! For those of you who are aiming for MRP, now is the perfect opportunity to build up the attendance for District events! Please make sure to communicate with your club secretary with proof of attendance so that the secretary may record your…

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    LTG & DLT Feedback Form

    Do you have any suggestions or feedback as to what the LTG or DLT can do or improve on? If so, please fill out the form HERE to enable the Division Leadership Team to improve our performance and service for everyone a part of Division 22 Komohana.  This form will be open throughout the entire term and all responses will be made anonymous. You may also click this link to access the form: https://forms.gle/z1HouuM5PhEUqjmx8