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SERVEtember is an ongoing, month-long initiative during the month of September. It promotes and encourages service and the recognition of members in the Cal-Nev-Ha District. The initiative emphasizes Key Club’s aspect of being a service organization, allowing members to focus on this purpose throughout the month of September.

How can your club participate?

In order to get involved with the SERVEtember initiative, your club is highly encouraged to complete a task-filled bucket list that focuses on service, increasing involvement with the Kiwanis family, raising funds for the Pediatric Trauma Program, and participating in the Spotlight on Service Program. The Bucket List items are as follows:

  • Attend or host a service event with another branch of the Kiwanis Family: Attend/host any service project or event, and interact with another Kiwanis branch!
  • Host a service project/event with another school in the divisionFrom card making to creating resources out of recyclables, there are many service projects you and another club can do together! This is a great opportunity to serve and make new friends!
  • Host a service project with 20% of the club’s members in attendance: Strengthen bonds within your home club by inviting new and returning members to serve together!
  • Host a “Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle“ service or educational event: Hold a service project or event to take part in CNH’s new Governor’s Project, “Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle”!
  • Raise $1 for PTP for every member in your club: Increase funds raised for PTP by setting a goal: $1 for every member in your club. While this is a fun way to set goals, the ultimate goal is to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program!
  • Submit to the Spotlight on Service Program for September: Host a service project/event that matches the theme for the month of September, “Pediatric Trauma Program” and submit a description and photograph of your event to the SOSP google form.
  • Ask a member, officer, or advisor what “service” means to them: submit a 15–30-second video clip with their response

What recognition is given for taking part in SERVEtember?

For a club to receive recognition at District Convention and the District Newsletter for its part in SERVEtember, the president must follow the submission process. Clubs who complete the SERVEtember bucket list must fill out the Google Form and follow all instructions by October 5th at 3:00 PM HST

Submission Form: SERVEtember 2021 Submission Form

Important Reminder: take pictures and have descriptions ready in order to fully complete the form!

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